Sunflower milk: benefits and properties

sunflower milk benefits Currently in the market we can find a great diversity of vegetable milks specially prepared for those people who either do not like animal milk or, for example, suffer from lactose intolerance .

As you know, lactose intolerance is a disorder more common than you think, which is estimated to affect approximately 70% of the world population, and which is that the person has a lactase deficit, not being able to absorb the lactose properly in the small intestine, quickly moving to the large intestine without decomposing, where it begins to ferment.

Returning again to the topic of vegetable milks , nowadays we can choose the soy milk wave almond milk . Although it is also possible to perform them easily at home, as is the case of the so-called sesame milk .

But do you know that you can also make a curious sunflower milk from the sunflower seeds? Today we want to talk to you about its different benefits and properties.

Benefits of sunflower milk

From a nutritional point of view, the sunflower milk It is especially rich in vitamin E, as well as in minerals (especially calcium, potassium, magnesium or phosphorus). It also provides healthy proteins and fats.

Precisely when it comes to their healthy fats, their content of fatty acids make it a natural beverage when it comes to reducing cardiovascular diseases.

While its high content of magnesium and phosphorus, it is a beverage that favors an optimal cerebral functioning.

In addition, it is an ideal drink for those people who can not dairy, thanks especially to its calcium content. Therefore, it is a useful drink for children, pregnant women, athletes and people with osteoporosis.

Nutritional values ​​of sunflower milk


345 kcal.


25 g.


8.5 g.


5 g.



Vitamin E

22 mg.


100 mg.


395 mg.


550 mg.


730 mg.

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