Jijona nougat recipe without sugar

turron-jijona-without-sugar Some time ago we explained how to make a delicious Nougat from Jijona , one of the typical Christmas desserts best known, classic and consumed during one of the most popular festivals of the year: Christmas .

Although made with a dry fruit as healthy as are almonds (you can know some of the benefits of almonds ), it is common that this recipe is characterized by having a high caloric content, being rich in sugars, fats and carbohydrates.

But within their own nougat recipes , it is also possible to enjoy Christmas recipes without sugar that can be consumed by diabetic people.

We explain how to make a delicious Jijona nougat without sugar .

Jijona nougat recipe without sugar

Main ingredients

  • 1 kg. of ground almonds
  • 500 g of fructose
  • Scraping a lemon
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon

Steps to make Jijona nougat without sugar

1. First, scrape the lemon to get the scrape.

2. With a little water and fructose make a syrup.

3. Now pour the syrup in a saucepan in which you can work, and add the teaspoon of cinnamon and the lemon scrape.

Four. Simmer and stir, then add the almonds, little by little.

5. A fine paste should be formed as everything is mixed.

6 Finally, pour over a mold and let it rest for about five hours.

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