Sugar and the health of the eyes

sugar-eyes-vision Although one of the main enemies of both the own view itself as the eye care in particular it is the passage of time, and particularly old age, also the food that we follow throughout our lives can harm them a lot negatively.

There is no doubt that following a healthy food , based on the consumption of both healthy food like antioxidant-rich foods is always one of the best habits when it comes to take care of our vision , and the health of our eyes .

Within those certainly harmful dietary habits that we should avoid, we find the excessive consumption of sugar , one of the main elements that greatly harm the eye health . In addition, its high calorie intake is not very good either for the diet or for the weight itself, so it must be eliminated from the root of our daily consumption to be considered a product that only provides calories without essential nutrients for our body.

Abusing sugar and eye health

Consume many sweet foods, rich in sugar and empty calories It is an unhealthy habit that, in addition to harming our health, tends to negatively influence the health of our eyes in particular.

This is because abuse sugar it ends up damaging the different blood vessels of the retina.

In addition to sweets or products rich in sugar, it is also essential that the consumption of refined flours be reduced. Do not forget that it is much better to opt for wholemeal flours.

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