Sudden infant death

Death-sub-child For some years, campaigns have been carried out (by public sanitary authorities and specialized medical and pediatric groups), so that parents know what is known as Sudden infant death .

More specifically, these medical campaigns have had a very clear objective: to avoid that the adres sleep the smaller ones in the upside down position.

This has been translated, according to data provided by several surveys conducted in recent years, that there has been a decrease in the frequency of sleep in this position, so that in turn the incidence of sudden death has been reduced More or less considerable.

Recommendation to avoid sudden infant death

To try to avoid Sudden infant death , It is best to follow the following basic tips and guidelines:

  • The most advisable is that infants sleep in a position that is not upside down, the most appropriate being that of supine position, since it is constituted as the position of lower risk. Also a side position is another of the most recommended. In the latter case, the caregiver should place the lower arm in front to avoid turning to prone, and that there may be possible risks.
  • During the vigil, and under the supervision of the father, the prone position should be used, especially for reasons of skull development and stimulation.
  • Nor should we forget that the so-called Gastroesophageal reflux disease And various abnormalities of the upper area may be indications of the prone position.

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