Strengthen the pelvic floor

The Kegel exercises for the pelvic floor They are especially useful for strengthening the internal musculature which, in the form of a rhombus or diamond, closes the lower strait of the abdomino-pelvic cavity, generally and commonly known by the name of pelvic floor .

strengthen pelvic floor

It's about a muscle and ligament system that close the floor of the abdomen, maintaining in correct position and in suspension both the bladder and the uterus and the rectum, against the force of gravity itself.

However, both with the passage of time and in certain stages, circumstances or moments of life, it is common for a weakening of the pelvic floor . Among the most common moments, we find ourselves in women with pregnancy, childbirth or menopause. Although also stress, constipation, obesity or chronic cough can negatively influence this weakening.

Hence, we pay special attention to the pelvic floor strengthening , from exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor .

How to strengthen the pelvic floor with exercises

Although the best-known exercises at the time of strengthen the pelvic floor are the Kegel exercises , we can also find other exercises equally useful even a lot simpler.

Hip movement

This exercise is considered one of the easiest to follow. It consists of moving the hip back and forth in the same way as if it were a pendulum, while we relax the sphincters when we make the hip back, and we contract them while we move the pubis towards the abdomen.

Sitting on the ball

Using a fitball (ball or exercise ball), we must sit on it placing the hands under the hip and performing a lateral movement that changes the weight from one side of the ball to the other. We can also make a movement back and forth.

Second exercise on the ball

Sitting equally on the fitball , we must contract the abdominal wall, separating and joining the knees. While we must keep the feet together, so that we activate the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Video of exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor

If you clarify better with a video, then we leave you with a video of useful exercises for the pelvic floor , helping you to strengthen it easily:

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