How to stop the appearance of wrinkles with natural tips

How to stop the appearance of wrinkles

Why do wrinkles appear and how can we delay their appearance?

Wrinkles can not be avoided. They become the normal and perfectly natural result of the passage of time. And they become, in fact, the most obvious sign that we are fulfilling years. They can appear before or a little later, although it is true that if you follow a healthy and peaceful lifestyle, away from unhealthy habits, stress and anxiety, we will probably age better and more slowly.

But let's go in parts. Do you know what wrinkles are, and what are they? Basically they are ridges or folds that appear on the skin, and tend to be more evident in certain areas of the body (although it is clear that the skin ages as a whole).

We must bear in mind that the skin consists of three layers: the epidermis (the outermost of all), the dermis (also known as the intermediate layer) and the subcutaneous layer (the innermost). The dermis has the ability to be more or less elastic, thanks to the presence of fibers known by the name of elastin. In turn, the presence of a protein called collagen helps prevent wrinkles.

Over time, and especially with the passage of time, the dermis tends to lose both collagen and elastin. Because of this, the skin is refined and the epidermis is less able to retain moisture. This is coupled with the disappearance of subcutaneous fat, which gives the skin a certain smoothness.

For this reason, they tend to appear small wrinkles in the outline of both the lips as of the eyes . These are precisely two areas that have a slightly more fragile skin than we can find in the rest of the skin, so they will require more special care.

But if, for example, you have already managed to locate the problem and you have tired of using some cosmetics , there are some simple tricks to follow, and extremely easy to apply, that will help us increase elastin and collagen, two substances whose production is slowed down as people get older.

Advice against the appearance of wrinkles

How to fight against wrinkles naturally

Follow a healthy, balanced and varied diet

One way to nourish our skin is through the different foods we consume each day through our diet. For this reason, the food we eat and the liquids we drink will directly influence its external appearance.

Among the most suitable foods we can mention especially fresh fruits and vegetables, as they provide natural antioxidants that help prevent the premature aging of our cells. And, particularly, citrus fruits stand out for their high content of vitamin C (which favors the production of collagen), tomato and carrot.

Neither can we forget the red fruits, for their richness in antioxidants and other nutrients useful for the prevention of premature aging.

Maintain proper hydration

Water is essential for the health of our skin. Therefore when we are dehydrated our skin tends to wrinkle easily. Also, if we keep skin cells properly hydrated, we will reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

So a hundred percent recommended option is to maintain adequate daily hydration, trying to drink at least 2 liters of water each day. And how could we get it? The ideal is to always try to have a glass of water nearby, so that when we see it, we want to drink it even if we are not thirsty.

We must remember that when we are thirsty it means that our body is already dehydrated, so in a certain sense it is late.

Water for wrinkles

Avoid taking a lot of sun, and if you do, always do it with photoresist

Sun damage caused by ultraviolet rays tend to be extremely negative for the health of our skin as they cause damage to the collagen fibers, especially if we do it at the most dangerous times of the day (or hot), we do it in excess and also without proper protection.

So, it is best to try to always use a sunscreen adequate to our skin type, apply it every so often, and avoid the most dangerous times of the day (between 12 and 16 hours).

Eliminate tobacco

Tobacco is a great enemy of our health, especially the skin. You know why? Fundamentally because, in the long term, it generates peripheral vasoconstriction that affects in a very negative way the correct vascularization of the dermis. To that is added the lack of oxygen that circulates in the blood.

Therefore, the key is to eliminate almost completely the tobacco of our day to day.

Other quick tips to eliminate or reduce the appearance of wrinkles

One of these tricks is to clean our skin well with a cleaning cream or lotion , the most suitable being, for example, those containing wheat germ, since they will have an added antioxidant effect.

Apply a tonic lotion (without alcohol, by the way), and finally a prolonged-release moisturizer concentrate, containing hyaluronic acid Y seaweed .

We should also repeat this cleaning at the end of the day, for example just after showering, although using this time a somewhat more intense nutrition cream.

For example you can use the well-known ones cosmetic oil beads that we can currently find in the herbalists and herbodietéticas itself.

After applying these oil beads, we can use a cream with nutritious ingredients that again contain wheat germ.

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