Stop biting your nails

For many people To bite nails it becomes a real ritual that, more than nerves, tension or anxiety, when it has already become a routine it happens to be an unhealthy habit that can favor infections in the mouth as well as in the fingers , in addition to cause damage to the nails and teeth (since the constant clack to which we subject the incisors tend to produce wear).

It is a frequent habit that usually begins in childhood. Although it is a habit that usually disappears, it is also true that many people continue to bite their nails even as adults. It is even indicated that two out of ten people over 30 years old keep biting them.

To bite nails

Medically the act of To bite nails he has a name: Onychophagia , a habit that can become a health problem if it stays in time.

Why do we bite our nails?

It is usual for this habit to begin in childhood. The reasons can be varied, although the most common pass through the tension and nervousness that can cause the small certain situations that they fear (for example, they can be very shy and not be able to speak in public).

To try to mitigate this nervousness they choose to bite their nails, which can finally become a common habit that extends into adulthood.

Causing biting the nails:

  • Wear of the dental pieces : especially of the incisors, due to the continuous rattle. Sometimes it can also affect the gums.
  • Trauma under the nails : it can in turn cause inflammation in the fingers, as well as sharp pain.
  • Risk of infections : when we put our fingers to our mouth while on the street, we cause bacteria, fungi and viruses to get into our mouths.

How do you end up biting your nails?

It's fundamental willpower , given that although the mania of biting the nails can be extended in time, it is essential that the person is aware of this mania, want on the one hand to reduce it and eliminate it, and then 'fight' to change it little by little.

Sometimes it may be possible to psychological assistance , which will provide the patient with useful psychological resources to reduce this habit.

However, there are certain tricks to avoid eating your nails :

  • Nails that taste bad : there are specific enamels that, applied to the nails, cause that when you take them to the mouth they know horribly badly. In case you do not have an enamel of this type, you can try rubbing your nails with raw garlic.
  • Hide your nails : Porcelain nails can be ideal so you can not bite your nails. Otherwise, you can try using adhesive tapes or plasters.

When these tips do not help you reduce the habit it can be interesting that you go to the psychologist, who through therapy will help you reduce and end this unhealthy habit.

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