Strains after intense exercise

laces-exercise-intense He intense exercise It becomes one of the most common and common causes at the time of the feared laces can appear in our body, especially in those people who are not accustomed to the practice of physical exercise (either regular or properly intense).

As we already knew in our note dedicated to avoid lace-ups , the stiffness appears as a consequence of the micro-breakage of muscle fibers during exercise .

The symptoms are evidently characteristic: a few hours after practicing the exercise we feel the appearance of a series of punctures in our muscles, as well as a certain heaviness.

Does intense exercise favor the appearance of soreness?

Indeed, as many sport specialists agree, The greater the intensity of physical exercise, the greater the intensity of the laces , hence these appear in people who are not used to carry a certain sport routine.

So that if we are not used to practicing sports regularly, and suddenly we carry out an intense physical exercise, it is evident that the shoelaces will end up appearing. Even though we are before and after exercise: we must not forget that our body is not used to exercising so intensely.

Is it possible to avoid aches after intense exercise?

The key is to avoid practicing intense physical exercise when we are not accustomed and not only to practice intense sports, but if for some time we have not done any regular physical exercise.

Therefore, it is essential to start practicing this physical exercise with a low intensity and increasing this intensity week by week, to accustom our body to that sporting practice.

And at this time we should not forget something fundamental: stretch our joints well for at least 15 minutes both before and after exercise.

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