Athlete's diet

food-athlete He exercise and the practice of sport It is fundamental and important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially if this same practice is accompanied by the follow-up of a healthy lifestyle , in which a healthy food .

Luckily, there are more and more people who are concerned about exercising, while more and more users are interested in the therapeutic virtues and the benefits of the exercise .

Not in vain, it is recommended even for stressed and anxious people, a very common disorder today. This is because they help to relax the organism and the mind.

This translates precisely into a loss or weight control; in the prevention of diseases such as cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases; or maintain the structure and function of the joints and muscles.

While it is true that practicing exercises such as running or walking just 30 minutes a day is essential to benefit from its virtues, there are also people who enjoy a somewhat more intense and hard exercise.

How should the athlete's diet be?

Through the feeding , he athlete must provide all those nutrients (carbohydrates and proteins), vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fiber and fats that the body needs to function properly.

In addition to opting for correct nutrition, rich in foods with a large amount of carbohydrates and proteins, and not forgetting to drink plenty of fluids (especially when you exercise), you can also choose many of the products that -now- we can find in the market specially designed for athletes.

Among other products, we can find prohormonal products, amino acids, sports bars, creatines, vitamin complexes, proteins and liver protectors.

Even today there are recuperators that precisely help us not only to recover after exercise, but also favor the entry into an anabolic state of muscle growth by combining vitamins, proteins and fast recovery hydrates.

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