Spirulina: benefits and properties

Benefits of spirulina The algae they are a food that, in oriental cuisine (preferred and generally in the delicious and wonderful Japanese cuisine), is highly consumed in a great variety of diverse recipes.

Not in vain, one of the most classic and consumed dishes in the West, and that has come to us from Japanese cuisine, is the sushi , an authentic delicacy for many demanding palates in which the kombu alga .

As we met in a previous article in which we talked about the benefits of algae , we could know that it is a food very rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates.

But if there is an equally special algae, which can also become a healthy alternative in many salads, spirulina .

Which are the most important Benefits of Spirulina ? Take good note.

Benefits of spirulina

The spirulina It stands out for being a microalga very rich in amino acids and proteins, which grows in natural waters of alkaline medium.

It contains chlorophyll, a substance that in fact gives it that characteristic green color, while phycocyanin gives it the blue color. For this reason, the spirulina it is known as the blue-green algae .

With regard to the Spirulina nutritional values , we find that it contains 70% vegetable protein, with all the essential amino acids.

It is ideal to lose weight, since it only contributes 7% of fat, so its consumption is interesting as a coadjuvant in weight reduction diets.

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