Spininng: what it is and benefits for health


There are a thousand ways to perform sports exercising any muscle of the body. Today there are many different sports with which we can keep fit and be healthier choosing the sport that best suits our body and our needs.

The spinning became famous thanks to the American cyclist Johnny G. Goldberg, who showed that running on a static bike in a closed place accompanied by music could also be fun. Indoor cycling or spinning works strength, endurance and speed mounted on a bicycle dedicated exclusively to this type of exercise.

The bicycle is totally mobile, built especially for the spinning you can put it in any position at the time of practice, forward, backward, put up more resistance, put the handlebar further away from the body, etc.

What is Spinning? What does it consist of?

Spinning is a physical activity consisting of an exercise program in which fixed bicycles are used that is carried out in a closed place, driven by a certified instructor .

Thanks to the fact that a fixed bicycle is used and a series of generalized movements are carried out, it helps the people who practice it to enjoy a healthy mind, while the body accompanies each movement.

That is to say, the spinning combines aerobic exercise with sport, training especially the muscles of the legs but without damaging the joints at any time.

This type of sport can be done by any person, since it adapts to the needs of each one, always preceded by a professional to keep pace. Cardiac people have to be especially careful, since you should be more careful.

The combination of the stationary bike and the aerobic exercise you perform on it involves connecting and harmonizing the body and mind, thus achieving a perfect balance.

Benefits of spinning

Benefits of Spinning for health

Although it is exercised and performed with the legs, spinning incorporates multiple benefits throughout the body, including the heart, muscles, joints and bones

We will mention some of the benefits of spinning for health, with which you will surely convince yourself to perform or try this revolutionary sport modality:

  • It improves the cardiovascular conditions a follow-up of the exercise, causing a decrease of the pulsations at rest.
  • Reduces worries and problems by concentrating on music and pedaling, especially reducing the feeling of stress. In addition, it improves self-esteem.
  • Tones legs, buttocks, twins, biceps, triceps and abs.
  • It increases the respiratory rate causing a lower sensation of suffocation in difficult moments and controlling the breathing.
  • Practicing an average of 45 minutes can get to lose 400 or 800calorías.
  • The bones will also be strengthened, making them more resistant.
  • It helps strengthen the heart.
  • The likelihood of injuries that lead to other activities such as running or walking is reduced, it can also be done for the rehabilitation of old injuries.

Let's not forget that it is a aerobic exercise , so it is an ideal option for prevent cardiovascular diseases .

And finally, we leave you with a video where you can see what a spinning class is like with Patricia Fitness Guru:

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