Soy isoflavones: health benefits for women

We know some of the benefits of soy , and especially some of the Benefits of soy milk or even the soy lecithin , which are extremely healthy foods.


But within the large family of estrogens considered to be of vegetable origin, they are named after phytoestrogens , highlights soy isoflavones , since they occupy a certainly preponderant place.

These molecules are extracted from soybean seeds, and as we will see throughout this article, can be a natural treatment during the menopause .

Benefits and properties of soy isoflavones

As we mentioned at the beginning, thanks to the properties of soy isoflavones they are a totally natural alternative to correct the estrogen deficit observed in both premenopausal and menopausal women.

This is so, because the contribution of isoflavones Significantly decreases hot flashes (which in themselves are one of the main symptoms of menopause), and other associated disorders.

Not in vain, many studies have not been done in this regard that help scientifically verify the Benefits of soy isoflavones , but a few years ago, the first clinical trial with Spanish women was carried out.

It included 190 patients who received 1 capsule of soy isoflavone in the morning and in the afternoon for four months. At the end of the investigation, a significant improvement in the number of hot flashes was found.

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