Lose weight after Christmas

slimming-christmas The Christmas They suppose the arrival of a period of happiness and happiness, during which it is quite usual to enjoy unique gastronomic moments in the company of our relatives, friends and colleagues.

And it is that Christmas lunches or dinners are not only related to December 24 and 31, since in the days before and after is common the organization of large feasts to celebrate the arrival of Christmas and / or the end of year.

For all these reasons, the so-called Christmas excesses (and the bingeing at Christmas ) are usually much more than usual for these holidays, since they are days when you can enjoy typical Christmas desserts , as is the case of nougat, polvorones or marzipan, among others.

This joins two of the most common disorders that tend to occur at this time: both Christmas stress and Christmas depression , which can have clearly negative effects, since it can lead the person to overeat to alleviate those feelings.

It is also more than usual that we leave weight loss diets aside or that we do not even practice physical exercise, which becomes clear enemies for our ideal weight .

And with the arrival of the new year, a new purpose or desire also begins: lose weight after Christmas . But how to achieve it in a healthy and healthy way?

Tips to lose weight after Christmas

Follow a balanced and healthy diet

Forget about Christmas desserts once Christmas is over. Adopt and follow a balanced diet, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, which will help you in a positive way to purify your body and eliminate those toxins that we do not need.

It is a good time to enjoy dishes and light recipes, in which there is no lack of delicious salads, broths, white meats and fish.

Practice physical exercise

Exercise is essential not only to lose weight, but to maintain a good weight and generally enjoy good health.

The most appropriate? To practice aerobic exercise for at least 30 minutes 3 days a week (or, if possible, daily).

Watch your diet

If you have not been able to resist the most exquisite desserts of these Christmas holidays, try now to take care of your diet, avoiding sweets and foods rich in fats and sugars.

Do not consume alcohol (which only contains empty calories ) and keep in mind the number of calories you consume each day, but without obsessing. In this sense, when it comes to keeping the account is much simpler than you think, given that opting for light and healthy foods such as vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetables, you will know that you will never tend to exceed the total daily calories adequate for Keep your weight or lose weight.

Find a good nutritionist

If you are overweight or obese and want to lose weight, it is best to always opt for the professional medical advice of a nutritionist and a dietitian, who will help you to know how much weight you should lose, and how to do it in a healthy and effective way.

Do not forget that it is not advisable to follow weight loss diets that suppose a strict and dangerous regime, since your health may be at risk due to certain nutritional deficiencies.

Image | Ed Yourdon

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