Skin type and protection factor

type-skin-factor-protection At the time of get a healthy tan , besides knowing the hours to sunbathe , the most advisable thing is always to know how it should be the best use of photoprotective creams .

At present we can find a good variety of sunscreen products that help us, as its name suggests, to protect our skin from the harmful and negative action of ultraviolet rays.

But depending on our type of skin , there will be a protection factor determined. We help you to know which is the best level of protection depending on your skin type.

What protection factor to choose according to my skin type?

In the first place, it should be taken into account that dermatologists insist on a minimum protection of 15, although this will depend on the type of skin that you own:

  • If you have very clear skin, which never tans and burns easily, you should use protection above 50.
  • If you have skin that burns easily but you tan, you should use an index between 25 and 40.
  • If you have a skin that tans easily, the index should range between 15 and 25.

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