Skin spots: origin and treatment

spots on the skin There are several areas on the face in which tend to appear dark spots , although mainly on the forehead, chin, cheeks, nose and upper lip.

In most cases they are a typical sign of melasma , a common condition of the skin, which tends to affect mainly women between 20 and 40 years.

This melasma (as its name could indicate), refers to an increase in the pigmentation -or darkening- of the skin that is characterized by the appearance of irregular spots but of certainly defined contours, which vary between different shades of brown ( and less frequent in bluish or gray).

Melasma also tends to be frequent during the second or third trimester of pregnancy, and approximately 30% of cases tend to persist after this period.

What is the origin of the skin spots?

In a certain sense, the origin itself of the Skin blemishes , although as a rule there are a number of factors that can cause its appearance. Among the most outstanding, we find the following:

  • Exposure to UV rays.
  • Genetic, family history.
  • Hormonal
  • Cosmetics
  • Photosensitizing drugs or medications.
  • Psychic stress

Treatment of skin spots

The first step to treat skin blemishes is to go to a dermatologist's office, since it will carry out a diagnosis of the type of hyperpigmentation, determining later whether or not it is in the presence of a melasma.

One of the most used treatments has to do with a depigmenting product that combines three effective elements against melasma: tretinoin, hydroquinone and fluocinolone acetonide.

In this sense, the most recent research in the dermatological field has shown how the joint action of these three active ingredients, combined - yes - in a cream that is applied only on the spots - offer the possibility that they can go a little little disappearing spots, so the patient can see short-term results.

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