Silymarin, protective of the liver

Some days ago we took care of the benefits of milk thistle , a plant whose very important properties make it a good liver protector .


Among its most outstanding ingredients we find the Silymarin , a compound mainly present in the seeds of Marian thistle , about which concretely and specifically we will occupy ourselves in this day.

The similarina stands out because it has some very important benefits for health, since it acts as a potent antioxidant in the cells of the liver, protecting them from the different damages caused by free radicals.

The similarin in turn increases the capacity of the liver to regenerate, through the production of new healthy cells, and improves the capacity of eliminate toxins from the body .

Not surprisingly, numerous investigations have confirmed the different beneficial effects of silymarin, in cases of cirrhosis , chronic hepatitis and fatty degeneration of the liver (pathology known as fatty liver ).

Although milk thistle can be taken as an infusion, the best option is to take it in capsules, since supplements with a high similarina content are also currently sold in the market.

Top benefits of silymarin

  • Protector and regenerator of liver cells .
  • Acts as an antioxidant , protecting the liver.
  • Improves the liver's ability to eliminate toxins .
  • It is a good liver cleanser.

In addition to the indicated benefits, silymarin helps positively when it comes to lowering the increased levels of high transaminases and of high bilirubin , mainly because it helps to regenerate and purify the liver , improving the capacity of this important organ of our body to eliminate toxins.

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