Sesame milk: benefits and properties

sesame The vegetable milks they become a healthy and adequate alternative from a nutritional point of view to cow's milk, which as you surely know, is one of the richest drinks in the world. lactose .

The lactose intolerance It consists of a common disorder (more than what is actually thought), which affects the person who has a lactase deficit, not being able to absorb lactose correctly in the small intestine, quickly moving to the large intestine without decomposing , where it begins to ferment.

What is sesame?

As we already discovered in a previous note in which we talked about the different benefits of sesame , are some seeds also known by the name of sesame , and is characterized for being a plant cultivated especially for its seeds.

Sesame seeds are especially rich in minerals, among which calcium, iron, zinc, copper, chromium, phosphorus and magnesium stand out; It also provides unsaturated fats and proteins.

Among its most interesting nutritional virtues, we must highlight its virtues in preventing male infertility for its zinc content, helps reduce cholesterol levels and is ideal for pregnant women who are in menopause.

It is possible that if after eating sesame you present urticaria, allergic rhinitis, dermatitis or other related problems, you may have sesame allergy .

Benefits of sesame milk

The sesame milk is a plant-based drink that is obtained from the Sesame seeds or sesame, and that becomes an excellent alternative for those who can not drink milk with lactose.

Like soya, sesame milk is especially rich in lecithin , unsaturated fatty acids (most notably the omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids), vitamins and minerals (surprising for its very high calcium content).

Between the benefits of sesame milk More interesting, we highlight the following:

  • It helps reduce high blood cholesterol levels.
  • Prevents nervous and cerebral exhaustion.
  • Avoid arteriosclerosis.
  • Useful in deficiency states: bone weakness, osteoporosis and hair loss.
  • Suitable in the treatment of nervous problems, such as anxiety, stress, irritability or depression.

Sesame milk

How to make sesame milk?


  • 1/4 cup of sesame seeds
  • Half a liter of water


Grind the seeds well with the help of a grinder.

Add the water and liquefy them well. Let marinate for 4 hours. Filter and sweeten.

You can also elaborate it following the steps indicated in our note dedicated to the sesame milk .

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Sesame milk: benefits and properties

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