Satiating foods

Satiating food When a person plans to follow a certain weight loss diet either to reduce their weight or to control it, it is normal for their nutritionist to consider a diet that contains a series of foods or low-calorie recipes, and that usually fatten little bit.

We could almost even say that, when a person wants to lose weight, although it is true that one of his most difficult decisions is to follow the diet itself, one of the biggest enemies is hunger, for which it is useful and interesting to know how to reduce appetite .

An ideal option, especially when eating less (and that does not mean not eating, of course), is to consume satiating foods . These foods, like the satiating plants , they provide essential nutrients for our body, but in addition to being low in calories, they have the advantage that they satisfy more than other foods. Hence, their satiating power makes them indispensable foods in weight loss diets, or when you want to reduce anxiety when eating.

The best foods to satisfy the appetite

Satiating foods have the advantage that, due to their nutritional content, they are capable of delaying gastric emptying , so that we have the impression that our stomach is satiated for a longer time.

We have made a compilation of the best satisfying foods , which possess the virtue that they satisfy and, in addition, are healthy:

  • Fruits and vegetables : The ideal is to leave aside fruits such as watermelon or melon. Apples or pears exert an important satiating sensation. Among the vegetables, especially tomatoes, lettuce or cabbage stand out.
  • meats : They are rich in proteins and exert an important satiating power. The best? Combine them on a plate with fruits and / or vegetables.
  • Cereals : Like oats, they have an important satiating power.
  • Mushrooms : Besides being low in calories, they are very rich in fiber, which gives them satiating virtues. It is best to prepare them boiled or grilled with very little oil.
  • Eggs : They are rich in proteins, especially the clear one. The best thing is to prepare them boiled and eat them with some vegetables, meats like turkey or chicken and mushrooms.
  • Foods rich in fiber : Usually they become the most satisfying foods. Fiber has the virtue of satiating and reducing appetite, while preventing or reducing constipation. They emphasize the integral cereals or the integral bread.

Benefits of satiating food

  • When consuming satiating foods we tend to eat fewer calories a day, but without stopping to eat healthy and without going hungry.
  • Ideal to reduce appetite and the sensation of hunger.
  • They provide a feeling of fullness, which helps you lose weight by eating less.
  • They are healthy and healthy foods.

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