Salt and swelling

salt-swelling There is no doubt that the sodium (know more about the different sodium-rich foods ) is characterized by being a mineral certainly fundamental and essential for the proper functioning of our body.

To give just a few examples, the sodium It is one of the elements minerals most prevalent in the blood and in the different extracellular fluids of our body, helping to hydrate all our cells, while maintaining balance between the various fluids of our body.

But when we consume more Salt of the recommended, between the different consequences of excessive salt consumption , we find that there is a special relationship between the salt and swelling .

Salt and swelling: a specific cause

One of the main causes of excessive consumption of Salt is that of the swelling , especially that of the abdominal swelling .

This swelling is usually caused originally by the fluid retention that causes the excessive accumulation of liquid, a certainly common consequence of the equally excessive consumption of salt.

For this reason, many experts recommend reducing salt intake, changing this culinary supplement for others much healthier, as is the case of parsley, curry, cardamom or tarragon.

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