Safety of aspartame as a sweetener

Some time ago the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) asked its Panel of Food Additives and Nutrient Sources (ANS) to carry out a Scientific Opinion project that will analyze the safety in the consumption of aspartame .


As you surely know, the aspartame It is a sweetener that is added to beverages or foods to continue contributing a sweet flavor to them, but without the different energetic and metabolic effects caused by the consumption of sugar (which as we have already indicated in many moments, consumed excessively be very harmful to health).

In fact, each gram of aspartame provides only 4 kilocalories, and only a very small amount is needed to sweeten foods.

What is aspartame?

Aspartame is a sweetening compound that was discovered in 1965. It consists of 2 amino acids (L-Aspartic and L-Phenylalanine) that make it a substance 200 times sweeter than sugar.

However, in recent years he has been questioning the possibility that aspartame could be dangerous to health, because of its possible risks of causing cancer.

Is aspartame a safe sweetener?

As has been concluded in the Scientific Opinion carried out by the ANS, it has been confirmed that the consumption of aspartame is completely safe.

To arrive at this conclusion, the scientific experts of the EFSA turned to all the scientific information available so far on aspartame and its various components, and after a methodical and detailed analysis, they came to the conclusion that does not have any type of toxicity that, in short, could lead consumers to worry about current exposure levels.

Therefore, we are facing a completely safe sweetener, whose consumption is considered definitively safe for the general population.

Image | Steve Snodgrass

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