Reto Flora Pro.Activ 2013

As you can safely know, each year new cases of overweight and obesity are diagnosed in our country, which had its greatest increase in the last decade, growing up to 200%.

Reto Flora Pro.Activ 2013

However, as many nutritionists and health experts say, did you know that following a healthy and active lifestyle would be avoided on most occasions? In fact it is fundamental to follow a healthy diet, balanced and regular practice of physical exercise.

One of the consequences of this weight gain has a negative impact on our arteries, and more specifically our blood fats (both cholesterol and triglycerides). Although we must bear in mind that these figures may be high even in people with a normal weight, although in these cases it is common that, unless we are faced with genetic causes, the person in question is on a low or no health diet Especially in fats and foods high caloric).

Fortunately, today we can find in the market with a wonderful diversity of products with nutritional benefits interesting, which help us to take care of our cholesterol levels and help us to enjoy a much healthier and healthier life .

A good example is the Flora family of products Pro.Activ , A pioneering brand in Cholesterol reduction and in the Protection of cardiovascular health , Who, like last year (which had excellent results, since the inhabitants who participated reduced their average cholesterol by 7.1% in only 3 weeks, and their LDL cholesterol by 13%), in 2013 they return to town of Redueña (In Madrid) as the protagonist of his Pro.activ challenge .

What is the new Pro.Activ 2013 challenge?

It is an action with which it is intended Reduce cholesterol levels Of the town of Redueña, thus improving the cardiovascular health of its inhabitants, and raising the awareness of the Spanish population that, with a varied and balanced diet, it is possible to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

As we said before, the results of the Pro.Activ 2012 Challenge were excellent, so Flora wants to continue to raise awareness not only of the people of Redueña, but also throughout Spain of the possible risks of continuing high blood fats and Do nothing to reduce them.

Why are products from the Flora Pro.Activ family so effective against cholesterol?

The different products of Flora Pro.Activ are effective against cholesterol because it has in its composition with plant sterols, which help in a very positive way to reduce LDL cholesterol by 7 to 10% in only 2 to 3 weeks.

Reto Flora Pro.Activ 2013 1

In addition, if you consume 2 servings of a daily product of Flora Pro.Activ and is combined with following a healthy and balanced diet, the reduction of cholesterol can reach 15%.

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