Useful remedy against hiccups

remedy-hiccup He hiccup is the name that receives the sound that occurs in our airways as a result of the involuntary movement of the diaphragm, which is followed by a rapid closure of the vocal cords.

It is in fact a common problem, and more common than one might think, which generally tends to appear suddenly without warning, but which nevertheless disappears in a few minutes.

However, the truth is that on certain occasions (or depending on the circumstances or disorders that the person may have) the hiccup It can last much longer. In this sense, we must pay special attention when it lasts more than 48 hours, at which time it becomes a real problem, to be considered medically as a disorder that receives the name of persistent hiccups .

We propose a useful remedy against hiccups that can become a good trick to help you in those moments when the hiccup He seems not to want to disappear.

Useful remedy against hiccups

When the hiccup Make act of appearance try to drink a large glass of water very quickly, but in small sips.

It is essential that every time you drink water you gargle. It will help you when it comes to making hiccups disappear.

You can also combine this remedy with eating dry or toasted bread. It will be even more useful.

In this sense, the remedy of hold the breath , a widespread habit or belief that, in fact, helps eliminate the problem.

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