Relieve back discomfort

relieve-discomfort-back It is known that approximately 80% of the population suffers back discomfort , a problem that can affect the day to day of the person, since it incapacitates her to carry out her life with certain normality during the time it is present.

These can occur at virtually any time of life, although as a general rule they can begin to start from adolescence, since in these cases depends largely on the positions that are maintained.

We know how we can prevent back pain , at the same time we know that there are different and very diverse types of home remedies for back pain .

In any case, once this pain has already made an appearance, it is advisable to try to know some of the basic tips that will allow relieve back discomfort .

How to relieve back discomfort

  • Always try to adopt an appropriate position in each place where you are. If you are in bed, sleep on your back or on your side and always use a pillow to keep your spine and neck aligned. In front of the computer (as you are in these moments), place the monitor at the height of your eyes and the keyboard in the place where you do not have to raise your shoulders.
  • Once the back pain appears try to stay active, since inactivity aggravates the discomfort, and can become chronic.
  • Practice the exercise that best suits you, since swimming is not everything, although by the way, it is highly recommended.

Remember that if it is a pain that is the first time you feel or exceed two weeks, it is best to go to your doctor's office. If it is equal to a previous one already treated and lasts less than two weeks, try to relieve it with analgesics.

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