Recommended readings: The psychic power of food, by Christian Brun

Can you increase the intellectual and mental potential through daily nutrition? Among other aspects, what would come to be the food enemies of our psychic health and our nerves?


These questions, clearly fundamental, deserve a clear, direct and specific explanation, especially when we know that we are currently living in a world where psychic equilibrium is increasingly complicated to achieve,

In The psychic power of food , the author explains how, by modifying our daily diet without fanaticism or sectarianism, we can improve our own emotional and mental state; including our relationship with others.

Christian Brun , its author, remembers -with humor- that Eva was the first to use the virtues of a food. In particular, that apple that delivered to Adam.


The effects that the foods we consume have on our behavior are well known for a long time.

And it is that, in this case, we should not forget the phrase of Hippocrates : "Let your food be your medicine".

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- Author: Christian Brun
- Original title: Le pouvoir psychique des aliments
- Title: The psychic power of food
- Publisher: Editorial Sirio

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