Recommended readings: "Overweight and Obesity" by Juan Madrid Conesa

Recommended readings: "Overweight and Obesity" by Juan Madrid Conesa At some point in their lives, thousands of people in Spain and around the world have thought about following a diet to lose "those extra pounds" that have accumulated almost without telling.

This behavior is frequent and often gives results, because weighing something more than the bill is not a disease: it is only overweight.

But what happens when we do not talk about "a few kilos" more, but "many"? Why are there obese people? What is obesity? Do you have a cure?

Obesity is a chronic disease that must be treated correctly to avoid the appearance of many other diseases. It requires a dietetic treatment, physical exercise adapted to the patient's possibilities, sometimes a pharmacological treatment or a surgical intervention, and almost always psychological support.

Juan Madrid Conesa In this book he offers you all the necessary information to avoid overweight and fight against obesity, but without compromising your health.

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Why read "Overweight and Obesity" ?????

The obesity In recent years, it has become a real health problem for hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

In our country, for example, the latest statistics published speak of an increase of 200% in cases of overweight in the last 14 years, which does not come but to alarm even more about the large number of cases that are diagnosed again each year .

An obesity that, incidentally, can easily be prevented by following a balanced and healthy diet, practicing physical exercise and avoiding harmful habits such as the consumption of tobacco or alcohol. Nor should we forget that it is advisable to reduce the consumption of very fatty or highly caloric products (such as sweets, salty snacks or sweets), and increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

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Author: Juan Madrid Conesa
Publisher: Espasa Practica
Year of edition: 2002

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