Properties and benefits of colors

properties-colors It is known by chromotherapy to therapy or alternative (but natural) medicine to apply the virtues of colors to various aspects of people's daily lives, for the different benefits that only their visualization contributes to our health.

For example, it is usual that we choose certain clothes depending on their colors as we feel at those times, we choose the color that will have the walls of our house or place of work, or in different situations we may like one or the other to know according to how we let's feel

It is what many have come to call the authentic psychology of colors , which means that certain colors are used for therapeutic purposes to help the person to solve certain disorders, emotions or improve their own psychological / emotional state.

Benefits and virtues of colors


It is a color that is associated with memory, wisdom, intelligence, learning and attention. It is able to stimulate both mental and memory faculties, also facilitating optimism and confidence.


It symbolizes the innate inspiration of the person, as well as their own creativity. In addition, it helps in different disorders such as loss of smell and hearing, as well as eye diseases.


It is the quintessential color of tranquility, peace and serenity. For this reason its use in bedrooms is recommended. It is also ideal in the treatment of irritability and muscle tension.


It is an ideal color when the person wants to increase their mood and improve their mood. In addition, it favors creativity, kindness and cordiality. For this reason it is ideal when you want to relieve fatigue and depression. In matters of physical health, it is ideal in the treatment of gall bladder stones.


Quite energetic, it is useful to improve the mood and mood of the person. Therefore, it is widely used in melancholic or depressed people. It is also ideal for accelerating circulation and increasing blood pressure.


It is the color of Nature without any doubt. Represents growth, freshness and regeneration. It helps to relax and is ideal in case of exhaustion, sleep disturbances, anxiety and stress.


It is a color that brings tranquility and a lot of serenity. It is considered one of the most mystical colors, which symbolizes indigo children. For this reason it is ideal in the practice of relaxation and meditation, as well as being ideal for favoring intuition and imagination.

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