Biological products We can find them in many supermarkets, hypermarkets and - especially - in specialized stores such as herbalists or healthy nutrition and dietetics.

They are called products Bio ; That is, only those that come from the ecological agriculture (Also referred to as Organic food ), Also called biological or organic, which can only be labeled with this denomination.

Since changing the European regulations that had allowed the proliferation of products considered as"false bio"in the Spanish market, consumers can be calm and much safer.

Mainly for a basic question: what we buy under that name has been raised or cultivated without chemicals, always maintaining its natural properties and virtues.

Of course, when you buy a product Bio , You must ensure that the label appears on the back with the logo of the food control body of each Autonomous Community.

Are Biological Products Better?

According to the majority of experts consulted on this type of food, they Biological products Are much healthier and healthier. Mainly for some of the following issues that we highlight:

  • Avoiding toxicity are more beneficial to health.
  • Not having been forced to mature or grow (elements that adversely affect the taste) will be much more tasty.
  • Being longer in the plant, the ingredients are loaded with nutrients, being much more nutritious.

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