Prevent hypotension

On previous occasions we have dealt with what is the arterial hypertension , knowing that high blood pressure (greater than 130-139 / 85-89) is considered a very serious risk to health.


This is so because having a high blood pressure increases the risk of suffering heart attacks , renal failure or strokes , among other conditions really serious for health.

But what is the hypotension ? It can prevent hypotension ?, How?.

It is understood by hypotension to the blood pressure figures below normal limits (90/60 mmHg), and in most occasions, it does not usually produce symptoms, but at very special times and occasions (such as, for example, being in closed places with heat). , or to stand for a long time), the tension drops much more and the different characteristic discomforts appear like tiredness, dizziness and feeling of faintness.

This is due to the fact that the blood does not reach the different organs of the human body in an adequate way, and may even present loss of knowledge.

Causes of hypotension

Although we have already mentioned it in a very summarized way, among the most common causes of hypotension we find: excess heat, dehydration, smoking, medication consumption, alcohol and prolonged fasting.

This worsens when some of these factors are combined, such as excessive heat and excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco at the same time.

Prevent hypotension

Among some of the tips we can take to prevent hypotension, you should know that to avoid symptoms you should increase the intake of liquids, coffee or tea, setas fruits, sugar, cola or make a smooth physical exercise.

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