Pollen allergy

Pollen allergy We are almost at the doors of the beginning of spring , a station that will officially arrive on March 23 to our country, and that always comes with the feared spring allergies .

A much more common disorder than is thought, which affects millions of people in our country (it is estimated that it affects about 15% of Spaniards), and that - in fact - each year more cases of Pollen allergy .

The truth is that, although they really exist symptoms of pollen allergy quite clear, in many occasions it is essential to go to our doctor to confirm if we are allergic and to what substance. Only in this way will we be sure if we are allergic to pollen , and prescribe us an adequate treatment if the allergy is severe.

Why does pollen allergy appear?

The allergy to pollen appears as a result of a hypersensitivity of our organism, which interprets a harmless substance as a threat, such as pollen .

Although there are different types of pollen that can cause allergy, the most common are grasses , which originally appear between the months of April and July, with a higher incidence in May.

Symptoms of pollen allergy

  • Discomfort in the eyes : tearing, itching and conjunctivitis, among others.
  • Nose discomfort : sneezing, runny nose and itching
  • Respiratory problems : as cough or asthma.
  • General discomfort : the person may feel tired, and even have a fever.

How to alleviate pollen allergy?

One of the main tips that can be given at the time of alleviate pollen allergy It is, above all, to try get away from the substance causing the allergy .

In a season like spring is complicated, especially when in these months the good weather invites to go outside and enjoy a little sun.

Therefore, rather than going to gardens, parks or the countryside, it is best to try to go to the beach in case you have the possibility to choose, since in these places the presence of pollen is much smaller.

It is also advisable increase defenses Y strengthen the immune system , since this is not only fundamental against colds or flu, but it is useful to strengthen the defenses and thus combat the discomfort of pollen allergy.

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