Pilates: health benefits

Pilates benefits That the practice of physical exercise provides important health benefits of that there is absolutely no doubt (in fact, you can find out more about it in our note dedicated to the benefits of the exercise ).

However, it is true that depending on the type of physical exercise we practice, certain benefits will be provided to certain parts or areas of our body especially .

For example, depending on the type of exercise, we can meet with different benefits of aerobic exercise different from the benefits of anaerobic exercise .

In the case of Pilates It is a very special type of exercise that has become very fashionable in recent years, especially not only because of its arrival in our country, but also because many famous people began to practice it, despite the fact that it is a series of exercises that you devised Joseph Hubertus Pilates at the beginning of the 20th century.

What is the objective of Pilates?

The objective of the so-called 'pilates method' is the development of the internal musculature of our body .

In this way we get not only improve the strength of our body , but the Balance and, therefore, our own body posture .

Benefits of pilates for health

  • Improves back pain .
  • Corrects body posture , thanks above all to the exercises that help strengthen muscles of the back and neck and abdomen.
  • Allows the person to become aware of their posture and balance .
  • Reduces both lumbar and cervical pain .
  • Strengthens the musculature without increasing its volume excessively .
  • Increase the flexibility of muscles and ligaments .
  • Useful for anxious or stressed people, since it helps to control stress .
  • Emphasizes mind control of the body .

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