Physical exercise against anxiety

exercise for anxiety We live in a moment, on the one hand, certainly difficult in what refers to the own economic and labor situation of many people, which translates in definite in that every time is greater the number of individuals that suffer anxiety, stress and depression .

On the other hand, the number of people who do not follow a healthy and balanced diet also tends to be higher and they also follow a sedentary lifestyle, which in turn translates into an increase in overweight and obesity each year.

For all this, there is no doubt that the practice of physical exercise is always fundamental, not only when it comes to enjoying good health and an equal weight of health, but also to reduce the most typical symptoms of anxiety.

Benefits of physical exercise in case of anxiety

In case of anxiety, it is true that the number of medical professionals and psychologists, who advise their patients to practice daily sports, not only to reduce their weight, to enjoy better health and ultimately to be more in way: also to relieve the symptoms of anxiety.

In fact, in recent years it has been possible to confirm the really positive aspect of sports practice as an effective treatment to relieve symptoms, so that physical exercise can become a short-term therapeutic option.

How does physical exercise deal with anxiety?

When physical exercise is practiced regularly, it helps prevent on the one hand, and reduce anxiety on the other. Why? Thanks especially to the lowering of physiological activation, so that it will rise less when we perceive a threat (although in reality this threat is not).

Nor can we forget that physical exercise generates endorphins in the brain, neurotransmitters that reduce pain, produce a state of euphoria and also improve our mood.

What kind of physical exercise is the best?

The best physical exercise is aerobic exercise , since it is less expensive physically and also the physical sensations that it causes in our body are less intense.

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