Pascual Lactose Free, the only one enriched with vitamin B6

There is no doubt that one of the most common food intolerances is the lactose intolerance , Which stands out alongside the Gluten intolerance . Lactose (milk sugar) decomposes itself into two more simple sugars (glucose and galactose), an issue that occurs thanks to the action of the enzyme lactase. When there is a Lactase deficit The lactose passes into the large intestine without decomposing and begins to ferment, where it begins to produce its annoying symptoms.

As many experts say, 34% of the Spanish population is currently being encouraged to be intolerant of lactose . However, only 10% are diagnosed. The problem is obvious: they do not know it, they continue to drink cow's milk, rich in lactose, and every time they do, their own digestive system will cause their intolerance: gas, stomach discomfort and pain, bloating, diarrhea...


An excellent option if you want to continue consuming milk At breakfast, at the snack or at dinner, is to opt for the Milk without lactose , Delicious drinks that have been eliminated lactose. An interesting example is milk Pascual Sin Lactose , Which also stands out as the Only lactose-free milk that has vitamin B6 , An essential nutrient that helps to reduce fatigue and gives us an extra vitality and energy in our day to day.

And is that, for those who are lovers of milk, there is no doubt that Being lactose intolerant does not mean that you have to give up this drink , A food as nutritious as basic in our diet.

If you usually drink lactose-free milk, how about you try the new Lactose-free Pascual? It is an excellent option to give your body the vitamin B6 it needs every day. And it's delicious too!

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