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Every year, thousands of new cases of overweight and obesity are diagnosed in our country, which, following a healthy and active lifestyle, would be avoided in most cases. In fact it is fundamental to follow a healthy diet, balanced and regular practice of physical exercise.

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One of the consequences of this weight gain has a negative impact on our arteries, and more specifically our blood fats (both cholesterol and triglycerides). Not for nothing, these figures may be high even in people with a normal weight, but nevertheless follow a diet that is unhealthy (high in fat and high-calorie foods).

Luckily, we can now find ourselves on the market with a wonderful diversity of nutritional products that help us to follow a healthy diet, without adding extra calories to our diet, and also take care of our cholesterol levels.

This is the case of Flora pro.activ , Mark - as you know - a pioneer in the Cholesterol reduction and in the Protection of cardiovascular health , Who on this occasion have chosen the people of Redueña (In Madrid) as the protagonist of his Pro.activ challenge .

What is the pro.activ Challenge?

It is an action with which it is intended Reduce cholesterol levels Of the town of Redueña, thereby improving the cardiovascular health of its inhabitants, and raising the awareness of the Spanish population that, with a varied and balanced diet, it is possible to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, which in 2008 became The main cause of death in our country.

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When will the pro.activ Challenge in Redueña be held?

It will be carried out 3 to 23 September . During this period of time, in addition to providing the necessary product to the participants in the challenge , The inhabitants of the municipality will have the advice and personalized follow-up of a nutritionist, a sports teacher (who will teach two days a week of physical exercise), and workshops to learn how to cook in a healthy way.

Also, on Sunday 9 and 23 September will be celebrated popular and healthy breakfasts in the park, culminating finally with a large party that will coincide with World Heart Day on 29 September.

You can also sign up for the challenge online

If you want to meet the challenge but Redueña is a bit far, it is possible to participate through the challenge's own website, which among other elements includes a complete tool designed to help users reduce their cholesterol levels from one Healthy lifestyle and a varied diet.

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If you sign up you can follow a 3-week plan based on menus developed by a nutritionist, in addition to a table of physical exercises made by a professional of the sport.

And, what's even better: you'll enjoy discounts to be able to buy the product range Flora pro.activ .

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