Pain in right and left part of the abdomen: why is it?

Throughout our body it is possible to feel -or suffer- certain pains whose causes do not really have to be serious, even though we may feel worried or alarmed especially if that pain occurs several days in a row, or if It tends to be stronger. When we talk about a pain in the side we refer especially to pain that is located on one side of the body between the abdomen (ventral area) upper and back .

Regardless of whether your situation is in the right side or in the left, in both locations it may be a sign of kidney problem (although in most cases when the problem is one of the kidneys it is usually accompanied by other symptoms, such as frequent urination, fever, chills or blood in the urine).

Pain in the abdomen, right or left side

However, many other organs are in that area and obviously other causes are equally possible. Be that as it may, it is medically known by the name of pain in the side and its causes can be very varied: from a slight muscular spasm to a disease of the liver , going through discopathy, infection of the spine, arthritis or cholecystopathy.

But it is also possible to feel pain in the lower abdomen , either in Right part or in the left side . Therefore, it is always useful to differentiate between causes of abdominal pain on the left side and the causes of abdominal pain on the right side .

Causes of abdominal pain on the left side


Consists of the inflammation of the pancreas , a gland of a certain size that is located behind the stomach. The pancreas becomes inflamed when the digestive enzymes begin to digest the pancreas, which can be acute or chronic. Be that as it may, it is serious and can cause complications.


Luckily, in most cases pancreatitis tends to be acute, and usually disappears in a few days when the most appropriate medical treatment is administered. Among the most common causes are the presence of stones in the gallbladder. As common symptoms we can mention: intense pain in the upper abdomen, vomiting and nausea.

Diverticulosis or diverticulitis

Diverticula consist of small pouches that bulge in the large intestine or colon. Precisely when these bags are presented a condition known by the name of diverticulosis . In most cases it does not present symptoms, although it can occasionally cause mild cramping, constipation or abdominal swelling.


But when the bags become inflamed or infected the condition is known by the name of diverticulitis , causing abdominal pain on the left side, in addition to fever, nausea, vomiting, colic and constipation.

Kidney stones

Also known as kidney stones , are a common problem that can cause pain in the right or left side, depending on which kidney is affected. As we have already mentioned on other occasions, a kidney stone consists of a solid mass composed of small crystals.


Although it is true that when they form they do not cause symptoms, when they begin to go down through the ducts through which the urine empties into the bladder they can block the flow of urine from the kidneys, and intense pain arises. sudden form and that can disappear suddenly.

Causes of abdominal pain on the right side


It is probably one of the most common causes of pain in the abdomen on the right side. Consists of the swelling or inflammation of the appendix , which is a small bag that we found attached to the large intestine. It usually arises when the appendix is ​​blocked by a foreign body or by feces.


The first symptom that appears is to feel pain that is placed around the navel. In the beginning this pain is mild, to then become more acute and severe. It can also cause nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite and fever (low).

Kidney stones

As with the abdominal pain located on the left side, since we also have a kidney on the left side, when kidney stones they are in the left kidney It tends precisely to cause discomfort in this part of our body.

In addition to the symptoms indicated above, we must also remember that it is usually a pain that radiates to the side and back.

Gases and flatulence

Did you know that the different disorders that are most often associated with the intestines, and that cause pain, are usually felt mostly in the right area? In many cases it is due to the accumulation of gases and of flatulence . Its causes are very varied: from having eaten food that produces gas until we have eaten very quickly and with stress, especially when we do bad digestion.

The most common symptom is to feel like stitches in the abdomen, accompanied by a feeling of swelling that feels more and worse when we bend over.


He liver It is a large organ that we found located on the right side of our abdomen, a little above the abdomen. However, when the pain is due to a liver problem this discomfort tends to radiate towards the lower abdomen.


In general, the most common cause of pain or discomfort in the liver is related to the pathology known as fatty liver (the accumulation of fat in this organ), and the inflammation of the liver .

Peptic or abdominal ulcers

The peptic ulcers They are sores that occur in the mucosa that lines the stomach or duodenum (the first part of the small intestine). Its most common symptom is burning in the stomach , and feel discomfort that are mostly on the right side.

Among its most common causes we can mention the prolonged use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (such as ibuprofen or aspirin) and infection by Helicobacter pylori .


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