Oysters: properties and benefits

oysters properties He shellfish It is characterized as a nutritious and healthy food, which consumed moderately only brings benefits and properties to our body. Of course, we must be careful about abusing shellfish, since it can cause levels of high uric acid .

On previous occasions we have talked so much about the benefits of clams as on the scallops benefits , two foods especially rich in vitamins and minerals.

However, if there is a seafood known as characteristic, these are the oysters . Bearing in mind that traditionally oysters were eaten raw and without chewing, It is essential that the oysters are very fresh and even if they are eaten raw they must be alive .

This is because if cooked they can lose most of their virtues, so it is better to always eat cultivated oysters than those that are raised wildly (in recent years it has been discovered that these types of oysters contain levels of contaminants that at large doses can be very toxic to our health).

Benefits of oysters

The oysters They are a seafood rich in Omega-3 fatty acids , which are interesting at the time of take care of our cardiovascular system , and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

It is especially rich in minerals , highlighting above all the zinc , a mineral that helps enhance fertility , improves the immune system (It is especially useful for strengthen the immune system ), take care of the skin Y helps in the natural healing of wounds .

his content in ceramides and minerals protect against different types of cancer , while its high iron content help not only to prevent the anemia , but to increase the natural resistance of our body to infections .

How to prepare oysters to enjoy their properties?

To enjoy the main properties of oysters the best option is to consume them raw (if they are, they should be very fresh, even the best is that they are alive).

To give them a better flavor we can add a little lemon juice or chopped onion.

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