Orthorexia: obsession with healthy life

Previously we dealt with an alteration of the feeding called sadorexia , which consisted of a combination of behavior anorexic, bulimic and orthorectic with a body maltreatment and the use of masochistic weight loss methods.


However, this time we are going to echo about the orthorexia , a food alteration that has tended to grow until reaching a greater percentage of society in recent years.

Incidentally, in most cases, people who suffer orthorexia they do not know precisely what they suffer from this disease; a disease that can have devastating dimensions.

What is orthorexia?

As we mentioned at the beginning, orthorexia becomes a food alteration in which the person suffers a obsession with that food that tends to be considered healthy or healthy .

They tend to be very meticulous with those foods they eat, in such a way that they are able to analyze even each of the products they consume, as well as their ingredients.

They usually do without industrial products and supposedly negative or harmful to health, such as pastries, soft drinks, pre-cooked or canned, and only eat organic food or produced biologically.

You could say that your diet is based on a monodiet extremely dangerous, since they do not tend to consume meats and fats either.

This means that orthorexic people , suffer from changes in mood, anemia, weakness, hair loss, anemia and even loss of menstruation (in the case of women).

Why orthorexia appears?

Many experts in nutrition and sociology have indicated that the appearance of a foodborne disease such as orthorexia It is the result of new trends to healthy living.

This is so because of the large number of advertisements that we usually see in the media, with the arrival in the markets of organic and prebiotic products, and those "without preservatives or dyes."

The solution, therefore, is to eat everything but in a balanced way, healthy and healthy . And, in most cases, healthy living does not mean eating very few foods and dispensing with some usual.

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