Organic food

biological foods Today it is usual to find organic foods in a great variety of supermarkets, hypermarkets, shopping centers and specialized stores (usually stores of natural foods, dietetics and herbalists).

And you could almost say that, luckily (luckily, above all, for all those who want to enjoy a good health , and of a diet as healthy as balanced), consume biological products it's fashionable

They can also be found in stores with the denomination of organic food , which provide a great variety of benefits and properties that other conventional foods could not offer.

Benefits of biological foods for health

The organic foods they are characterized mainly because they are products that have been grown or grown without chemical products (in the case of animals and derived products), at the same time that they have been elaborated in a totally natural way and without using additives or preservatives.

For these reasons, there are several Benefits that we find in this type of food. Namely:

  • They respect the environment and nature.
  • They contain up to 50% more micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and trace elements).
  • They are free of contaminants.
  • The animals are not fed with adulterated or modified products.
  • Genetic manipulation of food is avoided.

Although, it is true, these foods are somewhat more expensive than those referred to as conventional, there is no doubt that consuming organic foods It is synonymous with health and taking care of our diet.

Try to choose these types of products whenever you can. Not only will you enjoy all its flavor, but you will feel safe when consuming products of authentic quality.

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