Purifying juice of orange, lime and lemon: recipe and benefits

Did you know that summer is a good season to take care of our line? Although we are enjoying the holidays we can eat and care at the same time without being afraid of gaining a few extra kilos. This is because the summer season brings us many fruits rich in water, fiber and vitamins that, in addition to refreshing us, help us to hydrate and thanks to the fiber they contain, they contribute to giving us that feeling of fullness and with few calories. In addition, the fiber it contains favors good intestinal transit.

In summer, with the heat it is normal that we do not want hot meals, nor the copious and heavy meals to digest. It is therefore a good time to turn to fruits, vegetables and vegetables with which to prepare dishes and refreshing drinks such as cold soups, creams, salads that we can accompany with proteins both provided by the meat and fish or vegetable proteins.

Citrus juice recipe

We can also make all kinds of juices (antioxidants, rejuvenating, energetic, depurative), delicious and full of antioxidant benefits as is the case of this wonderful citrus depurative juice . Of course, we must bear in mind that to benefit from all their properties we must take them freshly prepared, so we avoid the oxidation of both fruits and vegetables and lose vitamins.

How to make a purifying juice of orange, lime and lemon

Ingredients you need:

  • Two oranges.
  • Two files
  • Half lemon.
  • Stevia, sweetener, or brown sugar cane.

Processing of citrus juice:

We will need a juicer to extract the juice from these fruits. We squeeze the fruits and mix. Pour the juices mixture into a glass and ready to drink.

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If you prefer to sweeten the juice, sweeten it to your liking. If you want to take it cold to cool down, add some ice cubes.

The benefits of this citrus juice depurative

This delicious juice made with 3 wonderful citrus stands without any doubt for its very high vitamin C content , which is essential for our body because it exerts a reinforcing action of the immune system, in addition to intervening in the maintenance of bones, teeth and blood vessels, being good both for the formation and maintenance of collagen.

lemon-lime-and-orange juice

It is also very rich in natural antioxidants , which help reduce the risk of suffering a wide variety of diseases, while being useful to reduce the negative action of free radicals, 'guilty' of the premature aging of cells.

It is ideal as a depurative, diuretic and detoxifying , so that it helps prevent fluid retention while it is adequate to eliminate toxins that have accumulated in our body.


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