Obesity Medical Center, Obesity Clinics

We know that obesity Is a common health problem in both Western and Eastern society (countries like Japan or China are seeing how the number of obese people grows in their own society every year).

And one of the issues that most concern nutrition and health experts is the Childhood obesity , A problem that is still growing in a certain dangerous way as has been seen in recent decades.


For this reason, there are some basic tips that can help not only prevent childhood obesity itself but also prevent the onset of obesity in adults. Or to lower those extra kilos by adopting a series of healthy and healthy measures, and practicing a more active lifestyle.

However, the treatment to treat and solve problems of obesity depends on the weight of the person himself, and different health problems that may exist (such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol...).

Therefore, the specialist will be the appropriate person to study the individual case of each person and tell us what may be the best treatment for each of us.

Not surprisingly, there are currently a diverse amount of specialized clinics that deal with this root problem, with effective treatments that help fight against obesity.

Obesity Medical Center, Obesity Clinics

One such clinic is Obesity Medical Center , Which already has a center in Madrid, and that in the future will have a total of 3 centers more distributed in Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Alicante (next opening).


Among the treatments that they can offer their patients, we find authentic advances and novelties of recent appearance in the sector, such as gastric balloon, gastric banding, bariatric surgery, post weight reduction surgery and diets.

It should not be forgotten that Obesity Medical Center is formed by a multidisciplinary medical team with extensive experience in cases of obesity, qualified and homologated by the Spanish State and members of the Spanish Society of Obesity Surgery (SECO).

Something that is, without any doubt, to thank right now that we are living today.

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