Overweight and obesity in adolescents: its dangerous effects

obesity-adolescents There is a growing concern that many public health authorities in the world have some concern because of the increase in both overweight as the obesity , is having younger people (and even the youngest ones).

As many statistics show, the so-called childhood obesity and own obesity in adolescents It is growing more and more every year, something that worries - and a lot - specialists and doctors in the sector.

But, even more so, the obesity in adolescents It is even more dangerous, since at this time of life, the young person is in full development both physical and mental, so in these circumstances, obesity can cause problems of self-esteem and self-confidence that impact on your correct development.

Obesity in adolescents

We know that the obesity generates a series of diseases and health problems for those who suffer from it. But they can also affect the mental and psychological balance of these.

This last repercussion has special importance in those people who have low self-esteem, and do not trust them fully.

In the teenagers This question can be even more negative, since they are at a time when they are acquiring a series of guidelines that will shape their personality. So if they feel embarrassed by their body or their partners laugh at them, this can turn into a problem of self-esteem that could produce even greater issues.

Therefore, the most advisable always in all cases is that of prevent obesity . And in case the young person already has a few kilos of more, to reduce the weight little by little with a diet elaborated by a specialist, to follow a healthy lifestyle and to practice exercise.

Avoid harmful foods such as hamburgers or pizzas (what is popularly known as "junk food"), sweets and pastries, as well as sugary sodas that only provide empty calories to the body.

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