Nuts to take care of the heart

Experts recommend taking about 25 grams of nuts a day, five times a week, especially if we want them to offer us that interesting series of benefits.

But can nuts be good for our heart ? And if so, in what way would they help us have a healthy heart ?

One of these important properties we have known through different studies in nutrition carried out recently, from which it has been found that eating hazelnuts , walnuts Y almonds reduces the level of high cholesterol Y controls hypertension and the glucose .

As we know and have seen in some previous articles, three of the most important risk factors when it comes to cardiovascular diseases.

This is possible thanks to its high content in trace elements , polyphenols and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, copper and selenium, which help maintain the thickness of the endothelium, which would become the innermost layer of blood vessels.

Nutritional benefits of nuts for the heart

The Nuts provide a set of nutritional benefits ideal for enjoying a healthy and healthy heart , thanks in particular to the essential nutrients that contain:

  • High content of trace elements .
  • Rich in polyphenols them .
  • High mineral content (zinc, magnesium, copper and selenium) .

Nuts for the heart

Then, and summarizing what is indicated in the previous lines, we indicate the main ones Properties of nuts for the heart


  • It helps reduce LDL cholesterol levels while being useful for increase HDL cholesterol (also know as good cholesterol .
  • Helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases .
  • Controls hypertension .
  • Useful to enjoy a healthy heart .

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