Nutritional or food pyramid

As we have commented in a previous moment, our organization has a series of nutritional needs determined that are practically fundamental to be able to survive and live day by day.


Precisely for this reason, many are the experts in nutrition and dietetics, and in general health itself, who advocate that follow a natural food , but above all a balanced diet helps to ensure that our body receives the nutrients it needs daily.

For this reason, there is a graphic that can help us to know what foods we should consume daily to be healthy, healthy and natural, others with moderation, and which should consume in small quantities or even eliminate them from our diet.

It is the one named as nutritional pyramid or food pyramid , and we suggest you to find out what it is and, above all, what are the different food groups that are distributed at the beginning and end of it.

Nutritional pyramid or food pyramid

As we can see in the image that accompanies this article, in which we show a graph related to the nutritional pyramid O well food pyramid (as you like), we find that:

  • The lower echelons propose mostly complex carbohydrates (cereals, grains, flours and derivatives, fruits and vegetables ...).
  • The central steps suggest those foods that contain less amount of carbohydrates, but more proteins and fats.
  • The upper echelons are those that contain the amount of protein and the amount of fat.
  • The highest step of all is constituted by those foods that we must consume very moderately, since they mainly provide calories.

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