Nutrition for cholesterol

We know that the high cholesterol It can become a serious and a real health problem, especially when it stays at its highest levels for a long period of time.


Not in vain, already in other occasions we have been able to know what can be a good Diet to lower cholesterol , at the same time we know of the existence of some of the most interesting foods for high cholesterol .

However, within the advice that we can continue giving in order to avoid that we can have high cholesterol, precisely because of the problems that, in the long run, may end up generating hypercholesterolemia, we must indicate that there is a type of nutrition for cholesterol .

Nutrition to lower high cholesterol

In the first place, we will begin to explain what recommendations we can adopt to win the battle, at the table, to cholesterol.

As many experts in nutrition defend, a greater number of unsaturated fats should be consumed, above all olive oil , since they have a beneficial effect on cholesterol reduction (like nuts).

Fish also help, and a lot, mainly if they are blue fish. This is because they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help reduce cholesterol.

Also foods rich in dietary fiber help a lot, by regulating intestinal transit, as well as the daily consumption of at least two liters of water.

Second, among the different tips that we can give you to avoid, we find a lower consumption of saturated fats (butter, cream, fatty cheeses, pork and derivatives), those foods considered as hypercaloric and fatty, in salting and spicy

Of course, you should consume moderately milk (although never whole, preferably semi-skimmed or skimmed), its derivatives, sugary soft drinks and alcoholic and exciting drinks.

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