Nutrition and diet for the student

When we study, there are a series of basic requirements of our organism that must be covered, which is why we need to follow a healthy food It is critical during the years of study, especially when we are preparing for an exam.


As we mentioned earlier in an article in which we echoed that the vitamins and minerals improve concentration , to follow an adequate nutrition allows to maintain the functional and structural integrity of our neurons.

And is that when we eat, we provide glucose to our body, which is obtained through an adequate supply of carbohydrates and then can be used by neurons.

For this reason, it must be ensured that the feeding is adequate. We propose below how should be the nutrition for the student .

Requirements to be taken into account in student nutrition

  • Foods rich in vitamins should be consumed (especially Vitamin E , vitamin B1 , B3 and B12), as well as in minerals (such as magnesium, iron and zinc), nutrients found in whole and whole grains, legumes, green leafy vegetables, dairy products, fish, meat, eggs, etc.
  • Make a complete breakfast, because in this way our brain can receive the glucose necessary for its proper functioning throughout the day (especially in the morning, which are usually the hours of study).
  • Distribute the food by making 4 to 6 meals. In this way we provide the brain with glucose regularly.
  • Sleeping the amount of hours needed is vital to be able to perform properly.
  • Do physical activity, and always try to stay active, away from sedentary lifestyle.

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