Normal values ​​of glucose

glucose-normal-values The glucose It is a sugar that is used by the different tissues of our body as a form of energy, when combined with the oxygen of the breath.

The moment we eat, the blood glucose level increases, but what is consumed disappears as there is a regulating hormone that is insulin, which is produced by the pancreas, and causes the glucose enter the tissues and be used in the form of glycogen, fatty acids and amino acids.

He glucose analysis is usually done precisely to measure the blood glucose levels , to study the possible presence of diabetes mellitus, especially in those cases in which it is high.

For this reason, it is advisable to know what the normal values ​​of glucose to try to understand analytics.

Normal glucose values

  • The normal glucose value is between 70 and 105 mg / dl in young people and adults. In children, it tends to be considered normal between 40 to 100 mg / dl .
  • Is considered hypoglycemia to the glucose that sits below 40-50 mg / dl .
  • Is considered hyperglycemia (high glucose levels) the highest values ​​of 128 mg / dl .

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