Nettle, ideal against brittle nails, acne and menopause

The nettle It is a perennial plant that is especially known for the irritation certainly immediate that occurs when the skin comes into contact with it, but many are unaware that under this first unpleasant sensation, many properties are hidden and therapeutic benefits .

Its aerial part, for example, contains a diverse amount of important active principles, such as minerals (such as silica, magnesium and iron), vitamins (among which we find A, E, C and vitamins of group B: folic acid, B2 and B5), and trace elements.

Precisely for its great wealth in zinc and silica is used in the treatment of nail both fragile and brittle, or even in case of open and weak hair.

It is also widely used in the treatment of therapies against acne or other skin irritations, thanks mainly to the anti-inflammatory effect of zinc.

In addition, it is a good remineralizer that can be recommended to treat the wear and tear of the cartilage of those who suffer from rheumatism or osteoarthritis.

Some of the most important nettle benefits

  • Remineralizing (especially indicated in cases of cartilage wear).
  • Ideal for brittle or brittle nails, and hair loss.
  • Good against acne.
  • Beneficial against fatigue due to its toning effect.

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