Natural tips to reduce hair grease

There are a lot of people, both men and women, who have the Greasy hair . It is an excess of sebum that makes the hair look neglected, despite being clean and maintained. We must know its causes to determine what advice to apply on the scalp in order to eliminate it.

In fact, when we talk about hair or oily hair we should refer especially to the existence of a hair with oily appearance and texture , which can contribute to the production of dandruff in the scalp and acne, in addition to it being dirty and without health.

Tips against oily hair

Main causes of oily hair

Oily hair can occur through a wide range of causes:

  • Genetic heritage: One of the most frequent causes of excess sebum in the hair.
  • Feeding: It can be produced by a diet high in fat.
  • High levels of stress: One of the problems of the XXI century that affects external and internal level.
  • Hormonal problems: It is frequent in adolescents and in pregnant women.
  • Very fine hair: Generally, these hairs tend to grease more quickly.
  • Inadequate washing: The continued use of shampoos and masks with too many chemicals is not good for the skin. Many of these products are irritating and affect the pH, which stimulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

The best home remedies to reduce hair grease

When it comes to remediating oily hair, you have two options. On the one hand, you can opt for shampoos and industrial masks, which offer good results in the short term but, due to the excess of chemical components they have, are harmful in the long term to the scalp.


On the other hand, you can encourage yourself with 100% natural and homemade remedies. If this second option convinces you more, we teach you to prepare the most effective home remedies that exist to say goodbye to hair grease.

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He tomato It is a homemade ingredient that works very well to fight excess fat in the hair . Thanks to its acidity and the great capacity it has to balance the pH level of the scalp , It is a solution to say goodbye to excess sebum.

To make this homemade and natural remedy, we need a ripe tomato. Then cut in half and squeeze all its juice in a bowl. This is done by hand, although it is more advisable with a juicer because it takes more advantage of the juice. Then, in the same bowl, half a glass of water is added to eliminate a little the acidity of the tomato.


To apply it, when you have totally dry hair, soak a cotton disc with the mixture of the bowl and apply it on the scalp; It has to touch the skin. Then, put on a shower cap and let it act for half an hour. Once the 30 minutes have passed, wash your hair in the same way you usually do. The process can be repeated three times a week.

Apple, mint and lemon vinegar

One of the most popular and effective remedies that exist to eliminate oily hair in a 100% natural way, without chemicals is this mixture, based on three different ingredients.

To make this remedy, the first thing is to prepare a infusion with three mint leaves : Put water to boil, with a couple of cups is enough, and, when it reaches its boiling point, add the three mint leaves. Leave to simmer a couple of minutes, remove and strain. Then, to the glass in which you have the infusion of mint, add a little warm water, the juice of half a lemon and three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar.


The application mode is the same as the previous one. With dry hair, soak a disc of cotton in the mixture (when it is warm) and apply it on the scalp, which soaks well. Let act half an hour with the shower cap and wash your hair as you normally do.

As you can see, it is not necessary to resort to chemistry and expose hair to products that, in the long term, are harmful to say goodbye to oily hair. In addition to the healthful properties of these remedies, the truth is that they are also much cheaper. Both remedies are equally effective; the choice depends on the tastes, a better aroma than another, as well as the ingredients that one has at home.

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