Natural tips for dry hands

Caring for the skin is essential when it comes to preventing premature aging and avoiding some very common skin problems, such as excess fat or dryness. In the particular case of hands, it is true that it is usually the part of our body that we tend to forget most, despite the fact that they stand out for being the most used each day.

A very useful natural option when it comes to take care of hands easily is to use moisturizer suitable for our skin type (as you know there are different types of skin, among which we can mention normal skin, oily skin, dry skin or mixed skin), and protect them whenever we go to use hot water or cold water , or any chemical that may be negative for your health, such as detergents, softeners, cleaning products ... An appropriate option in this regard is to wear protective gloves.

Tips for dry hands

Why do dry hands appear? Why do they dry their hands?

Actually we can talk about different and different causes that can cause the appearance of dry hands, which makes it difficult to keep hands smooth and smooth. Among these causes we can highlight the following:

  • The weather : especially the cold air, which causes the skin of the hands (and the body in general) to become rough. Therefore, the biggest cases of dry hands arise especially in winter.
  • Very cold or very hot water : a high or very low temperature affects the health of the skin of our hands.
  • Wash hands excessively If very hot or very cold water can be counterproductive to the health of our skin, washing our hands is often as well, especially when we wash them repeatedly.
  • Use of certain products : as can be detergents or cleaning products, which affect the pH of the skin and affect the health of the skin.
  • Unbalanced diet : the lack of hydration, especially for having ingested little water.

How can I know if my hands are dry?

It is very easy to know if you have dry hands or not, since they cause clear symptoms: the skin of the hands appear rough, cracked, and may feel unpleasant to the touch.

It may cause peeling, an annoying itching and also fissures in the skin.

Some very beneficial natural tips for dry hands

Apply hand cream several times a day

To care for the skin of the hands is very important to use hand moisturizer , which helps when moisturizing the skin in an easy and simple way. To achieve an optimal result, it is advisable apply hand cream several times a day .


Even if you are going to spend many hours away from home, and your skin is dry or dry, you can take the cream with you to apply it whenever you want.

Vaseline for dry skin

Vaseline is an excellent moisturizer and protector, ideal for very dry hands . A useful option is to apply some Vaseline on your hands before going to bed, and use white cotton gloves so you do not stain the sheets on the bed.

Use hand cream before going to bed

If you do not want to use Vaseline because you find it unpleasant to touch, or because you simply do not have it at home, you can apply a layer of moisturizer on your hands and then put on some cotton gloves at night , leaving acting while you sleep.

The hydration heat will be much more optimal, so the next morning the skin of your hands will be smoother and softer.

Avoid too hot water

Very hot or hot water is a clear enemy for the health of our skin, especially for the health of our hands. So, It is essential to always wash your hands with not very hot water, if possible warm .

wash hands

At the time of washing our hands, the use of a soft and nutritious soap , if possible neutral. It is not recommended to use the application of gel or antibacterial soap, and if you like to use a hand sanitizer you should choose one that is also moisturizing.

After washing your hands it is essential that you dry your hands well with the help of a towel or a soft napkin , without rubbing much so that you respect the epidermis.

Use protective gloves

Whether you go out into the street and we are in the middle of winter or if you use a chemical product, and you need to use it with your hands (for example, because you are going to clean the bathrooms or simply clean the dishes).

Of course, obviously, the gloves that we will use depend on what we are going to do. So, for example, if we are going out on the street and it is cold, the best option is to use cloth gloves. This way you will keep your skin away from exposure to the cold, a real enemy to enjoy soft hands.

While if we are going to clean at home, it is obvious that it is best to use protective gloves.

Images | Sarah Reid / Shawn Campbell / Ben 'Jimmy' Angel

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