Natural juices for summer

When the heat tightens and summer arrives, it is more than advisable to choose to drink plenty of liquid to help our body recover lost fluid, and especially to hydrate properly.

natural juices

It is true that water is one of the ideal and healthy drinks to hydrate our body, especially because besides being healthy it does not contribute any calories.

But you can also choose delicious and healthy natural juices that allow us to refresh ourselves at every moment, so we will hydrate while enjoying the benefits of fruits .

Natural juices, a healthy and wise choice

We could say that the juice comes to be the vegetable or the chosen fruit, but in a liquid version. Of course, concentrates the nutritional values ​​of the food, ranging from vitamins to minerals, through phytochemicals and natural sugars.

In addition, they provide great energetic, regenerative and depurative power, since the natural juices They are a very important source of easily absorbed nutrients.

For example, fruit juice is a source of energy rich from the food itself, carbohydrates, mineral salts and vitamins (among which, incidentally, the vitamin C , ideal from these months to increase defenses .

That without forgetting that they contain a large amount of water, at the same time that the juices of vegetables alone, or those combined with fruits, offer in turn the minerals present in these vegetables.

Natural juices are also good after exercise

The natural juices they are also good at supplanting the loss of potassium during the exercise, which is why many athletes drink juices instead of coffee.

As regards the equivalence of natural juices, a glass of fresh juice is equivalent to a piece of vegetable or fruit. For this reason, they are ideal for the little ones if they do not like whole pieces of fruit.

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