Natural colon cleansing

colon cleansing He colon It is the last portion of the digestive system, which fulfills the function of extracting water and salt from the different solid waste before they are finally eliminated from the body, in addition to maintaining the hydration balance and absorbing some vitamins, such as vitamin K .

It is divided into transverse colon (second section and extends through the abdomen from the right side to the left side), descending colon (it is located on the left side between the transverse and sigmoid colon) and the sigmoid colon (fourth section, which it joins the rectum and flows into the anal canal).

It is usual that we worry about discovering tips and tricks that help us to take care of organs like the liver or the kidneys (you can know more about how purify the liver and how purify the kidneys ), but it is not so common to worry about natural colon cleansing , or by its debugging.

The truth, as many doctors warn, is that the colon cancer It is one of the diseases that have grown the most in recent years, diagnosing around 30,000 new cases every year in our country. Hence, it is very important prevent colon cancer , following a healthy and healthy lifestyle, and eating foods rich in fiber.

How to clean the colon naturally

Basic health tips

  • Follow a balanced diet : a healthy diet, based on a balanced diet helps a lot when it comes to cleaning the colon naturally. And how should this diet be? It should be based on the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, white meats, pulses, cereals and nuts.
  • Practice physical exercise : at least every day or three times a week. It is the best option not only for the health of the colon, but to enjoy a health in general.
  • Control your weight : it has been proven that excess weight and obesity predispose and increase the risk of colon cancer. Try to control your weight following a healthy diet, avoiding overeating and practicing physical exercise.
  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol : both are toxic and not at all suitable for health.

Dietary advice to clean the colon naturally

  • Eat foods rich in fiber : the foods rich in fiber they are essential -and fundamental- to take care of and protect the health of the colon, since it is a nutrient that facilitates intestinal transit and the expulsion of waste. In fact, they help because they reduce the time in which the waste (rich in toxic agents) is in contact with the intestinal wall. It also absorbs bile acids, which prevents them from acting on the bacteria to produce fecapentans (carcinogenic substances that form once the food has decomposed inside the colon). Therefore, it is important to consume at least 25 grams of fiber per day.
  • Eat foods rich in calcium : calcium is a mineral whose daily consumption helps to have a lower incidence of colorectal cancer, since it controls the multiplication of the epithelial cells that line the colon, which when they proliferate increases the risk of suffering from it. Opt for dairy products and derivatives, as well as vegetables, legumes, soybeans, nuts and fish.
  • Essential and protective vitamins : Vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E stand out.

Natural recipes to clean the colon naturally

  • Applesauce helps to clean the intestines, facilitating the absorption of nutrients. To do it you need 1 kg. of apples. Boil in a saucepan with half a liter of water (with the skin or shell included) over low heat for 45 minutes. Then grind well.
  • Detoxifying juice : It is useful to cleanse your colon and detoxify your body in general. To do this you need 1 cucumber, 2 sticks of celery, 2 handfuls of spinach and 8 leaves of lettuce. Blend all the ingredients and mix with water.

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